Sandro Forte

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you are a rare talent...
"You are always such a class act.  And your speaking!!  Amazing stage presence, great humour, perfect voice modulation and timing.  And you are a gentleman and kind man".

Micki Hoesly, Resource 1, Virginia USA

"2011 has gone and I want to thank you so much for everything.  My personal business has increased by 43% last year.  Your guarantee of 30% growth is a bit conservative haha!

I have been using your Dynamic Phone Path a lot and it works so well!  Your two extremely powerful works in your book "Consistency and Persistence" have been on my mind all the time. AND I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!!"

Annie Leung, AIA Hong Kong

"Thanks for your presentation and very useful weekly advices.  I started to use all your methods from the 1st day after the training and in the last week I made my biggest success ever!  I have to say thank you!!!."

Andras Mayer, AVIVA Hungary

"I am so delighted to tell you that I made it to COT!! I want to thank you for your sharing and teaching."

Rebecca, AIA Hong Kong

"Really, really thank you for your sharing in Sept 15-16 for our company.  You really have brought me lots of inspirations and encouragements."

Joyce Wu, AIA Hong Kong

"I am glad to tell you that my production has boosted by 60% after attending your Top Gun workshop.  I remember your guarantee of 30% growth and I have over achieved it!"

Steven Yeung, AIA Hong Kong

"Excellent presentation, inspirational, practical and fun."

Florence Lee, Hong Kong

"Very inspiring.  You are so generous to share your success with others."

Michelle Lau, Hong Kong

"Excellent!  I loved all of it."

Donna Leung, Hong Kong

"Very inspiring and motivating! Excellent!"

Joanne Ng, Hong Kong

"I have put your suggestions into practice and have submitted more business in 2 months than I did in my first year!"

Jordan Jones, MassMutual Financial Group, Houston

"You are a rare talent. Young, dynamic, and with loads of really great ideas. It will not surprise you to know that all the delegates want you back as soon as possible!"
Gina Wang, Shanghai

"You really stood out as the outstanding
speaker of the whole conference."
David Thomas, International Grandmaster of Memory

Sandro Forte

"I seldom recommend a speaker. However, in September I shared the stage in Taiwan with one of the most dynamic presenters I have had the privilege to meet in my forty-plus years in the business. Added to an impressive list of credentials, he has an outstanding stage presence and he shares practical ideas with humour and superb use of motivational techniques. If you are involved, directly or indirectly, in choosing a speaker for your organisation or other meeting. I urge you to contact him for more information as to his availability."
J. David Nall, Professional Speaker, California

your presentation was faultless.

"You were on top form. It was clear that you had thought long and hard about what you were going to deliver, and on top of that you put in the ground work and it showed on the day. Without doubt you are one of Britain's best speakers."
Philip Evans, UK MDRT Team

"The session with Mr Forte was the best of the sessions I saw (including Main Platform). What I'm trying to say is: the conference was great but Mr Forte went beyond. The way he spoke to us was far more than a technical or industry only session, it was a truly global view of our business and how we really touch the lives of so many people. He made an excellent combination between technical ideas, inspiration, and people's way of thinking."
Luis Ochoa, Mexico

"The greatest lessons we learn are those from our speakers and I thank you on behalf of all 6,000 delegates. Thank you for your message and the positive effect it will have on all those who have heard you."
Marvin Feldman, Past President MDRT

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