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Do The Right Thing – What’s It About?

Arguably one of the hardest things in life is balance. We are taught about the importance of balance from a young age. We are taught about how we have to balance responsibility with free time, we have to balance work with downtime, and we have to balance personal time with friends and family.

However, how many people can honestly say, with no doubt, that they are balancing their lives between work and spending time with their family? Most people would probably tell you that they’re not doing so well at this, and it’s not exactly surprising. That’s the point of Sandro Forte’s “do the right thing”.

Unpacking the “Do the Right Thing” Ideology

The whole point and purpose behind the “do the right thing” ideology is the idea of working in an ethical way to be able to better balance your life between the things that matter. You can’t spend your entire life working, because what will be the point? Lots of people get into a high-ranking position in a company and immediately stop spending time with the family.

The new job has consumed their entire life, it’s become the main focus of their lives, and that’s fine if you balance that with family obligations, but other people don’t. They push the family to the side – they stop going to football games, sporting events or school plays. They don’t spend time with their families because they’re busy trying to advance their careers, and that doesn’t work. That’s not good.

The Importance of Balance

Doing the right thing is all about making sure that you put the important things first. Your family has to come above your work. Your career, however important it might be, however vital it may be to the stability of your household, cannot supersede the importance of your partner, or your children. It just doesn’t work.

Sandro strives to help educate people on the importance of this. The presentations that he provides are designed to give people the skills that they need to balance work with family time and to work in a more ethical way. It’s all about trying to work with a more balanced goal in mind, and he wants to help people do this.

Every presentation can be tailored to suit the needs of the company, it can be based on a specific audience, and it can draw from a mixture of the different elements that that particular group will need.

Final Thoughts

So, when it comes to doing the right thing, and his “doing the right thing” message, it’s important to recognise the core ideas that Sandro is trying to put out here.

You have to balance spending time with your family and upholding your personal responsibilities with the work that you want. Seeking a work-life balance is a good thing, there are many benefits to being able to split your time more effectively, but if you do not do that, or you need a pep talk to figure it out, then Sandro is happy to help.