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Keynote Speaker for Business Events

Sandro has spoken at hundreds of conferences and business meetings in over 80 countries. He has built a reputation as a content-rich and inspirational speaker. Sandro has a number of different speaking themes – details of which can be found below – but he always tailors his material for his audience, taking account of industry, culture, geography and demographic.

Dare to Be Different

What makes one person stand out over another?

What makes the world’s most famous brands so successful?

Most of all, what can we do to give ourselves the kind of cutting edge, in an ever more
competitive world, which will ensure we perform at the highest level?

Dare to Be Different provides the key components to not just reaching the top but staying at the

Peak Performance

The Peak Performance programme can be anything from a one hour session to a workshop spanning two
days, tailored to specific requirements. This incorporates subjects such as sales skills,
marketing, creative thinking, planning, objection handling, telephone techniques and effective

Be The Best You can Be 6 Steps to Success

Be The Best You Can Be is a presentation for ANYONE who is seeking success; whether it be in
life, business or relationships. It is interactive, fun and designed to create positive,
tangible results fast.

Be The Best You Can Be is a sales ‘route-map’ for those who want to make it to the top! It is
full of the ideas which has helped Sandro’s business – Forte Financial – grow every year for the
past 25 years whilst winning numerous service and production awards during that time.

Be The Best You Can Be will show you how to attract the very best prospects, maximise the
opportunity from each, obtain quality referrals and provide a level of service which will retain
clients for life.

Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing is a motivational presentation which focuses on working in an ethical way and
balancing valuable family time.

Leading by Example

Leading, managing and coaching: What’s the difference and how can any business get the best from
their team? In this presentation (which can be extended to a two or three day programme) Sandro shares
the key success strategies needed to deal with change, tackling industry challenges and
achieving positive outcomes.

How to Be Brilliant

A complete route map to achieving success in any business.

From the acquisition and onboarding of new customers to their long-term retention this
presentation looks at everything one needs to become world-class in business.

For anyone really serious about taking business to a new level this is a presentation not to be