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Dare to Be Different

One of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs explains how anyone can make a success of their business or career. Sandro Forte was just a struggling apprentice at the age of 21.

Within just a few years he had started his own business, a successful independent financial consultancy practice which has grown ever since.

The secrets of his phenomenal success are set out in this book. Dare to be Different provides a route map to entrepreneurial success that anyone can follow.

All you need is confidence, courage, common sense, a sound knowledge of your product market – and a willingness to be different from the rest.

In the book, the author describes the way in which he distinguished himself from the pack in the cut-throat world of financial services – including practical tips on how to acquire high-value clients or customers, and how to retain them once they’re on the hook.

Dare to be Different is essential reading for anyone wanting to start or develop their own business.


Sandro Forte Coaching App

Sandro’s coaching app is a handy, permanent, reference point for many of the essential skills needed
to excel in any business. The core competencies are complimented by regular updates with new ideas
and skill-sets, making the Sandro Forte Coaching App an essential part of one’s ‘success tool kit.’