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Success Masterclass Programme

Success Masterclass covers:

  • Creating a positive belief system
  • Setting new goals to help reach greater heights
  • Prospecting to generate a minimum of 10 client meetings each week
  • Communication skills
  • Telephone technique
  • Marketing to business people
  • Effective questioning
  • Presenting
  • Quality referrals without the need to ask!
  • Multiple-selling
  • Objection handling
  • Closing
  • Servicing
  • Stand-alone sales ideas (marketing engine)
  • Transferrable, immediately useable sales ideas
  • Create your own Unique Selling Proposition
  • Build a service proposition which generates income and new business opportunity

In addition to what is always a fun and very interactive programme, Sandro will support all attendees with email coaching over a 6 month period to ensure they achieve a minimum 30% production increase guarantee.

Sandro has NEVER had a single person who has followed this track fail; one person even achieved a 328% increase in just 90 days!!

The investment made by each attendee (NB: not the company; advisers do not take it seriously if they do not invest personally) can be offered to you on a discount depending on the number of attendees.

Success Masterclass Programme

This two day, interactive, fun workshop GUARANTEES success – a minimum 30% increase in production in just 90 days. The content on this hugely popular programme, now revised and updated includes:Communication Skills
Effectively communicate with prospects, family and friends. You will become more confident, more popular and naturally attract more people towards you.
Quality Referrals
This programme will put you in control of client referrals by taking you away from the “Do you know anyone?” approach to the targeting of individuals who will add value to your business.
Establish a unique selling proposition which will have clients referring you and buying from you, regardless of price or the products you sell.
Creating a positive belief system
Re-condition your thinking and the new habits, you subsequently form will change your attitude forever and help you reach your goals.
Telephone Techniques
How to successfully gain meetings with anyone you approach by telephone.
Multiple Selling
Find out how to substantially increase the number of sales made at each client meeting and thereby raise profit levels.
Building an Introducer Network
Find out how to generate quality new client introductions from other professional people.
Setting New Goals to Help Reach Greater Heights
Abandon your “SMART” goals and quickly realise even the most unrealistic objectives can be achieved.
Marketing to Business People
Learn how, through hugely effective presentation (which anyone can apply) how to break in – and sell – to the business market, regardless of experience.
Objection Handling
This will show you how to deal with any objection in any situation.
Stand Alone Sales Ideas
The two-day programme will equip you with enough sales ideas to raise confidence levels and close more sales.
Prospecting to Generate a Minimum of 10 Client Meetings Each Week
How to fill your diary week in, week out and become more motivated to see more prospects.
Effective Questioning
How to use questions at the first meeting to uncover needs and increase your chances of multiple sales opportunities.
Move from an uncontrolled sales process to closing in a maximum of 2 meetings – know whether the prospect is going to become a client from the moment of first engagement.
Learn how to properly present – to anyone so that greater opportunities follow.

Please note, Sandro’s Success Masterclass has never failed to meet the expectations of the participants.

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