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Sandro Forte is a personal growth and development speaker, and one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in his profession, motivating across the globe. His devotion to helping people is what has driven him throughout his life and given him the opportunity to start his own life coaching business. This is a man who has worked through adversity, risen up from challenges, and is prepared to help others learn to do the same thing.

In a world where everybody experiences peer pressure to fit in, where everybody is expected to be the same, Sandro defies those expectations by encouraging people to look at what makes them different. He wants to know what a person can do better than anybody else, what strengths they have that set them apart from the rest of the crowd, and then use those as tools to rise to the top of their fields.


Sandro thrives on delivering the skills people need to succeed. He believes very firmly in equipping people with the necessary abilities that will help them to succeed. This includes things like teaching people how to successfully improve their mental health, how to work on their emotional intelligence, and how to improve their body language to become more confident and assertive. Every piece of advice that he gives is tangible; it’s based on something actionable. 

Sandro’s Coaching App unites this advice and many of the essential skills needed to excel in any business in a handy, permanent reference point. The core competencies are complemented by regular updates with new ideas and skill sets, making the Sandro Forte Coaching App an essential part of one’s ‘success tool kit.’

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Sandro has written his book called ‘Dare to be Different’, which has seen him ranked as a New York Times bestselling author. ‘Dare to be Different’ is a business book like no other. It offers a complete route map for those who want to make it to the top including how to create business advantage, through innovation and unique selling propositions.

The book is an extension of the course that he provides on the subject; the “Dare to be Different” workshop. It’s just one example of where Sandro has endeavoured to deliver a unique and fresh take on self-improvement and personal development.

In the first Chapter, Sandro states ‘I’m searching for like-minded souls who would benefit from having a set of steps to help them get closer to opening that door and achieving whatever ‘ultimate success’ means to them.’ If this is you, buy the book today so you can find out which four things Sandro suggests you master for your ‘ultimate success’.

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Very few speakers, consultants, and coaches ever take people somewhere as Sandro Forte does. Over the many years, Sandro has been running a business, he’s met legions of successful people from entrepreneurs to sports stars, celebrities and even royalty. As part of his Personal Development Resources, find over 50 Podcast YouTube videos of his conversations on Sandro’s Channel

His Podcast sessions are excellent development resources as he investigates what makes a person successful, do we know what success is and the all-important question – can we create success for ourselves. He invites a diverse group of people to share their insights, their wisdom and the things they’ve learned along the way. 

In the Doing Better Business interviews, Sandro looks at what makes one person stand out over another and how important is this from a business ownership perspective. Also included in Sandro’s Channel are many of his previous conferences and workshops and a snapshot of his outstanding client testimonials.

One of the things that he does with his clients during the sessions, whether it be coaching, whether it be a keynote platform presentation, is to give everyone a toolkit to help people subconsciously embed great learned habits so that success becomes something that happens without really thinking about it. 

These are based on a number of psychological principles and communication skills, so everyone takes away tangible ideas to use in their practices to achieve more success, reach personal development goals and actually feel personal growth.

As a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association, Global Speaking Fellow and Certified Speaking Professional, Sandro is incredibly well respected and admired in his profession. He has motivated and helped countless business people across the globe. In doing so, he has delivered motivational workshops and speeches in more than 80 countries.

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