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I have known Sandro Forte in a professional capacity since 1999. He was at first the advisor to The Whitehall and Industry Group, where I was then Business Director. When I left that job in 2000, Sandro became the independent financial advisor to my husband and me.

In 2008, my husband died, leaving a complicated financial situation for me and four children. Sandro has given me enormous personal and professional support, since last century, and under extraordinary circumstances.

One of the reasons I trust Sandro is that he understands how money can be an intensely emotional subject and he will always look out for my best interests financially, while taking those circumstances into account.

Sandro is trustworthy to the highest possible degree. I have recommended him to a number of other people, including my family. I would also add that Sandro is very discreet and incredibly good at ensuring that information remains confidential – again, even in extraordinary circumstances.