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I first met Sandro randomly at a service station on the M40, Oxford as I recall and bought him a cup of coffee. I had never met him before but he was the next person in the queue and I have a thing that I do from time to time, my ‘little random act of kindness’ I call it, when I buy coffee for a stranger.

The only contract is that the receiver had to pass on the kindness before Midnight of the same day…… doesn’t have to be monetary but must be a kindness!! We struck up a conversation (which doesn’t always happen in this situation) and found that we shared many of the same passions. I invited him to come join me sometime at one of my concerts (I am an Orchestral Conductor), as he was then based in Bristol and one of my bands is in Taunton, Somerset.

We parted with a friendly handshake and a suggestion we would keep in touch. This we did and I can honestly say I have yet to meet a person who is more dedicated to his causes than Sandro. I have been one of his podcast guests and was honoured and humbled to do so as the premise of it is to get in touch with and reach out to, young people in such a way that they can be inspired and encouraged.

By listening to him interview (he is very good at it), so many successful people from so many diverse disciplines encouraging his guests to impart some good and sound advice/life lessons/tricks of the trade etc. he has been able to show young people that anything can also be possible for them. It has proved to be a wonderful way to engage with our young folk.