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I have known Sandro for more years that I care to remember as a client, friend, thought leader and disseminator of business knowledge over this period of time. He is of course a philanthropist by nature and over the years has supported so many good causes which have touched the lives of and positively affected so many individuals. His generosity is abundant.

I’m sure Sandro’s business must hold a record in the Financial Services sector as in over 20 years he has never had a customer complaint in the Financial Services world which is an amazing achievement, but if you know Sandro you would realise his zero tolerance of anything less than excellent and putting his customer at the centre of all activities yields this impressive result.

Sandro has built an excellent reputation personally as a thought leader in the business end of life and is already recognised as an accomplished author and his recent series of podcasts have embraced new technology. These podcasts have bought together in a non-profit way, the shared experiences of over 20 business people who have achieved eminent success in their chosen activities in business, sport and entertainment.

Through excellent facilitation of these interviews and drawing individuals out in their areas of expertise, they have used and indeed how they have reversed the drift when things have not gone according to plan. They are excellent examples of how leaders can learn from other leaders and can almost provide the listener with the board the listener could never afford.